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Pregnant women sitting on mats touching their bumps

*New mom must be 9 weeks postpartum*

Pregnancy Postpartum Package of 9 x 60 mins sessions.



3x Reflexology

2 Aroma massage

1 Chakra Balance



Firstly Congratulations! and Welcome to the new baby.

Being a new parent is not easy. Most mothers are often so focused on taking care of their new babies that it can be hard for them to take time out to take care of themselves.  While this is understandable, it is just as important for you to heal and recover, or if nothing else, just to focus on yourself for an hour.

Postpartum massage and bodywork is just as important if not more important than prenatal massage.  Your body has just been through a major ordeal and it will take awhile for you to recover.  Making sure that you are taking care of your body as it heals itself can be instrumental to shortening recovery time and preventing long-term issues from developing.

A postpartum package using different modalities can help reduce pain related to both vaginal and Cesarean births.  It may also decrease symptoms of postpartum depression and provide you with a way to better cope with any negative feelings.  Massage can also help to facilitate the healing processes related to surgical scars as well as retrain your muscles for correct posture and alignment.  


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